Character Spotlights!

Welcome to the character spotlight reel!!!!!!!


Today, we are talking with Masters Cage Lin, Sgt. Hunter Ross and Lt. Seth Jacobs- I’ve already dropped my pen a few times in the presence of these alpha men they are so hot!


Let’s dig right in-I hope I can get through it!


Me: Welcome guys! I’m happy to have you all stop by today


Cage- (raises a displeasing brow) Ms. Joseph, is that how you should address us?


Seth- (laughs) I agree.


Hunter- (nods and crosses his arms)


Me: Um, well I apologize, Sirs?


Cage- (leans back into his chair) I prefer Master Cage but I will let that slide today Ms. Joseph.


Hunter- I prefer Sir, but as my buddy said here, we can forgo it for today. Seth, you ok with that?


Seth- Sure (shrugs) She isn’t ours after all. What a shame too.


(They all drill stares into me and I fumble. Seth picks up my pen and sends me a sly smile. Cage and Hunter laugh.)


Seth- Lucky for you, Lynn, I’m taken. As my buddies are here too (Cage and Hunter nod)


Me: (clearing my throat) Well, I want to um, ask you all a few questions. I’m sure that you are all very busy men, so I won’t take up much of your time


Me: First question directed to you all, what is the quality you most like in a woman?


Hunter-I would have to say she must be soft, physically only- but able to take my bullshit, throw it back at me yet submit when required


Cage- (smiles) Headstrong


Seth- this may sound funny but dominant- Although I am her Dom, I expect her to not be a brainless robot but a woman who can assert herself when needed in all aspects of her life

Me: So, you all prefer women that are strong, confident, yet submissive?

(They all smile at me. Weird)


Me: Ok, moving along, Cage, what do you regard as the most deplorable things ever?


Cage: A few things; dishonesty, violence against anyone at anytime, even if they deserve it and bitterness. Life is too short for lies and bitter individuals. And abuse. Abuse should never be tolerated.


Seth- Dishonesty is a big one for me as well. I’ve dealt with lies too many in my life.


Me- Well I direct this one to you all then


Hunter- Anyone that doesn’t value anything is disgraceful. Waste of space. Should just off themselves and get it over with.


Cage- (Sits up and laughs) Hunter is correct. Why be here if there is nothing that you can look at and appreciate?


Seth- I agree with my comrades here. This place is filled with so much beauty and wonder, why just say fuck it? (Shakes his head and folds his hands, sitting back) It behooves me


Hunter- Look Ms. Joseph, I don’t think anyone should kill themselves in the literal sense, but, there has to be something you can grab onto, you know? ( speaks in fast Spanish)


Seth- Oh shit- he is pissed- whenever he talks in Spanish he is mad as hell


Cage- Yes, he is.


Hunter- (Laughs) I’m not upset. Just sayin.


Me: What about you’re biggest regrets? Have any?

(All of them are deep in thought for a moment)


Hunter- I have one. Will not speak about it


Cage-I have many. The biggest is not pushing me to my limit in my studies


Me: Studies?


Cage- Yes; I am a constant student in life, Ms. Joseph. Aren’t you?


Me: I, well, I study writing and such. I guess I am a student then!


Cage- Yes, my dear you are. (he winks at me)


Seth- My only regret? My brother (turns pensive then relaxes)


Me: I have to say it’s nice to see big strong men that have feelings ( I giggle)


Hunter- Just because we are Dominant men, don’t mean we don’t have fears and secrets, chica.


Cage- He is right. We can be vulnerable at times. We are human. Well maybe not


Hunter. (he pokes his thumb at Hunter and laughs) But no- why shouldn’t a man be allowed to feel?


Me: I think you should- it’s sexy when he does and he can show it


Seth- Yeah, as long as he doesn’t wind up being a pussy when he does it, all whiny and shit.


Me- which brings me to my last question- What do all feel about Christian Grey?

(All three of them stare at one another and then back at me)


Me- I want the truth guys. (They all glare and wait. I know what they want!) Pretty please?( I bat my eyes to them and smile.)


Seth- You beg so sweetly, how can we refuse? (He winks and I blush)


Hunter- Ok I’ll go first ( takes a deep breath) The guy is a fucking lunatic- I don’t see how she stays with him- they man is broken and cannot be fixed. There is no motherfucking way I’d beat my sub until she was black and damn blue all because of my issues. What the hell! If women think this is how it should be with a Dom, then they are bat shit crazy. (he flops back into his chair and folds his arms)


Cage- While I won’t be as animated as my fiend here, he does need help. With the proper training, and doses of therapy, Christian could become a very good Dom. But he has to remain firm and not coddle his sub, as he has done with AnaBella, I mean Anastasia. (He smiles and we laugh)


Seth- I tried to remain mum on the subject but, well, yes, he needs help. Professional help. Before he should have been allowed to tutor subs, it would have been best if he dealt with his demons. I mean, we all have them but in his case, no, he is not a representation of what a Dom should be and do, in my opinion.


Me: To that I say, thank you for your candid responses.


Cage- Now your readers that love the guy will be after us!

Hunter- (snorts) they can try


Me: Thank you all for doing this- it means a lot to me.


Seth; Again, if I weren’t spoken for Ms. Joseph….( he winks at me, as they all do)

Thank you gentlemen!



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