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Submit to Your Fantasies is exciting, erotic, and naughty! Lynn Myshe Joseph is a gifted author & a must read!
Lynn, Lynn, Lynn. You have truly made me a fan and avid reader. These stories were amazingly delicious, sensual and captivating. Keep the books coming.


We have ALL had these fantasies and more....

Submitting with Grace, is about a submissive going into her final training-
Take this  journey with her..



A painful zing coursed through her, radiating from her ass up her face and she yelped.

“That was for not trusting me to know that I will not hurt you. Nor will I put you in any danger.” Hunter stated with a huge displeasure. Tonya knew he didn’t need to offer her any explanation; but the fact that he offered one at all made her will to submit even stronger.

“Tonight, is your final lesson in your training, Tonya. Tonight, the word No leaves your vocabulary and you will make use of your body any way that I see fit.”

The total authority in his voice enthralled her as she lay cuffed to the table, fresh moisture seeping from her pussy once more when his fingers slid between her ass cheeks, spreading them slightly. Tonya had never encountered anal before; the idea scared her shitless. She hoped that he wouldn’t want to try that with her tonight.  As if he read her thoughts, he chuckled and the sound wasn’t pretty.

“Yes, if I want to fuck your ass Tonya I will do so. Your body is mine to pleasure or punish any way I see fit. Your body is mine to use as I see fit and that includes your beautiful mouth, wet little pussy or your virgin ass.”

She gasped at his words. Sure, she knew what could happen when she opened that door. She knew that Hunter would and could do anything he wished to her, and she would either comply or be punished. Taking another deep breath, she relaxed. This was what she dreamed of for so long, in the dark of midnight, masturbating herself into countless orgasms at the thought of this wicked night. No, she would not falter and whatever he wanted, it was his.

Hunter laid his hand on her ass and caressed lightly, leaving tiny tingles of pleasure in the wake. He leaned in and breathed. His muffled moan had her nipples about as rock hard as stone, almost painful, on the table once more.

“Looking at you this way, I cannot wait to fuck you. Your golden skin, red hair and lush ass. All wet and hot for my cock. I bet your nipples are hard and begging to be touched. You smell amazing, sweet little Tonya.”  He slid his fingers into her damp pussy, causing her to cry out at the sudden invasion. His wrist turned quickly and he stroked a spot within of her that had her clawing at the table in mere moments, legs quaking and on the edge of release.

He withdrew his fingers and rested his stiff column into the cleft of her ass. He whispered, his breath on her cheek, “Yeah, I am gonna fuck you soon, Tonya. But not yet. Not until you’re ready.”

She whimpered heavily. She was ready NOW! Her cunt was on fire after his teasing, the buildup and hope of his every movement had her jacked up past fever-pitch.  She was both excited and aggravated with him and she smiled thinking how could that be? She knew; her body was more than up to giving and receiving pleasure but Hunter had another agenda. One she would follow without too much fear and recourse.

“Tonya, your ass is begging to be opened to me.”

Her body stiffened in shock.  Heat flashed through her blood when his lips touched the small of her back. Biting her lips, she groaned into the awareness of his mouth there, traveling again up her vertebrae, to the rear of her neck, where he then nibbled. She heard a squeezing sound behind her, and soon after felt a cold, gel like liquid on her untouched rosette.

“You have a gorgeous ass and I will not ignore it. Now, relax into my fingers. That’s it. Good girl.” He purred into the air. The room seemed the shift when his 2 fingers slid inside of her, past the tense ring of muscle. So, she liked anal penetration? She didn’t believe she ever could enjoy it. But Hunter was temperate, easy, as his fingers now lazily pumped in and out of her ass, and she was drawn to a height of fervor she had never known in her life.  She couldn’t disguise her body’s reaction to his stimulation, couldn’t control the outcry that fell from her lips; Tonya yielded to the scorching ache that Hunter had been building in her for weeks, giving into the moment and letting go of all fears and doubts. 

His touch was divine ecstasy as orgasm raced to her like a freight train barreling down the tracks. Every cell in her being lit up, burned through her skin, the dormant sexuality of herself was being awakened and she felt a warmth overtake her, devour her and fill her with peace. Tonya closed her eyes, ready for the explosion that loomed seconds away. This would be strong, deep. Intimate and surpassing. And all because of him.


She glanced over her shoulder and his face was twisted in lustful agony, as if it pained him to see her so close to orgasm. His handsome features were pinched fixed, and his eyes met hers. Tonya threw her head back, arching, the beginnings of the tidal wave about to crash coming. Hunter removed his fingers from her ass in one swift movement.


He smacked her ass again and laughed.

“No coming unless I say so. Your orgasms are mine.”


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