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The Test- Horny Devil Publishing
Inquisitive about her salacious needs, excitement attacks Deeta when she comes across a chat room tailored to fit her every secret desire.

A charming purity that oozes obedience ignites the Dom in Roland, urging him to take advantage of the innocence before him.

Can one night convince Deeta that Roland is the man who will master her forever?

I didn't know what to expect from this novella...but was so enchanted nearly from page one. I loved the way she started it out with a computer encounter, and managed to write real magic into even that. I have to admit, at that point, I wasn't completely "hooked"--but from the second Deeta walked into the club, and during all the lush descriptions of this very erotic and beautiful evening, I couldn't put the story down. Lynn has a true gift. I wave my red satin mask high in the air in a thorough bravo, and can't wait for her next book.

Very well written its a erotic of tale of a woman exploring her sexual fantasies..Will be looking forward to more of the author's books