Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Dream.....

And now, a juicy sample-try not to drool

** This was a dream that was told to me and asked to put into words- pay attention, you may know who "HE" is!!!


**WARNING-Contains Explicit and graphic language***

The release party for the movie was fun, for the most part. It was chock full of celebrities, reporters and industry folks, mingling and enjoying the food and drinks. Glancing to the left, Alana could see a few familiar faces that had starred in some of her favorite roles. They engaged in conversations with one another and fans that either wanted pictures or autographs. The atmosphere was nice and chill, perfect for a Friday night that was until the stiletto-clad, fake tits and skimpy clothes wearing posse came through barreling through the double doors of the lavish Moni Hotel suite, each girl looking faker than the next. The group of 7 quickly brought all eyes on them and how could they not? They were practically naked. Every movie release that Alana attended in the city had them-and she had failed to pinpoint where they came from.
She radioed to the foyer and asked who let them up. Had to be the horny barely legal teens that worked the door that night. All they had to do was flash a little cleavage and smile and they were in. Alana’s job as head of security for each event her company was contracted for was to make sure things went smoothly and without issue, which 95% of the time, it did. There was an occasional drunken brawl or some words exchanged but nothing that her company could not handle. Her company’s reputation was pristine and she smiled at the thought that she and her brothers concept a mere 10 years ago when she was 18. Now, the company was among the elite in security for celebrities, socialites, senators, government officials, the list went on and on.
Tonight, she chose to work this movie release event for one reason- the actor, a blue-eyed, sexy Aussie was the star, and all she wanted was the chance to say hello and maybe get a photo with him. Alana followed his career since he first broke out in the US 7 years ago and she couldn’t wait for the chance when her services would be called upon to secure one of his parties. A buzz in hear snapped her attention.
“I’m here. Talk to me.” Alana lightly pressed her earpiece in to hear more clearly.
“Target is on his way up. Just thought you should know, Alana,” Laughed her associate and older brother, Ricky. “Time to make your move before the hoes take over,” he laughed again in her ear.
She sighed. Alana knew her brother was right, but, she was sure that her actor wouldn’t even look twice at her. She went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Not that she looked bad. Her eyes were a deep brown, slightly slanted, with a round face, full lips and a light caramel skin tone. She pulled at her dress, a long black, fitted gown, spaghetti strapped with a high slit up the left side, showing off her toned thigh. She was by all standards a “plus size” girl, but she thought she looked damned good that night; Hell, didn’t help that she got a few second glances and a few whistles from men at the party. Alana smoothed her hand over her long brown hair and adjusted her natural 42DD breasts to give more cleavage.
After spraying on a bit of fragrance from her evening bag, she left the bathroom and was met by a mob. He had arrived; she could feel the buzz in the air and feel her skin grow warm. Alana split the crowd to get to him; for one, it was her job that night and two, she just wanted to be near him. To take him in, in more ways than one, she hoped. She followed this man’s career; she was a true fan, not just wanting to fuck his brains out; well, maybe that too, but she could leave the fantasy in her mind.
Alana elbowed and excused her way to the front and there he stood, all 5 feet 11 inches of him.
Her breath caught and she paused, in awe at how fucking sexy he was in person. He looked her way and offered to her a small smirk and Alana all but melted. She drank him in; dark slacks hugged him deliciously, as did the simple, crisp black shirt that he wore, leaving the top buttons undone; showing a peek of his naturally bronzed Aussie skin. He shook hands and smiled at fans, took a few photos, signed a few autographs and thanked everyone for coming. The sheer presence that surrounded him was astounding and Alana could barely control her heaving chest as she gazed in wonder.
Alana was aroused beyond comprehension; then she shook her head and laughed at herself.
“Silly girl,” she thought, “One of these bimbos will catch him, not you.”
Just as the thought passed, one of the fake blondes from the hungry pack earlier moved past Alana towards him, jutting her fake ass titties. Her stripper heels clacked on the floor to him, while she plastered on the fakest smile Alana had ever seen. His reaction was as she approached him cool, very calm. He smiled at her warmly, genuine. He let her snap the photo and signed a napkin for her. She whispered in his ear as her hand trailed through his neck-length curly hair, apparent she was making some sort of sexual proposition. Alana felt her anger rise to the surface, quickly, as if he were hers. She decided to use her security detail duties to interrupt the meeting.
But, she didn’t need to use her professional influence, her sexy actor did that for her- he politely thanked her coming and walked away, leaving her with a gaped mouth. Alana wanted to tell her to find another dick to stick in that hole, but with the amount of celebs there, she was sure the girl would find no trouble. A few in the crowd giggled at the blonde as she pouted and clacked off to another victim, which she found rather quickly. Alana scanned the room for him and she saw him speaking with one of her guards. This was it; her chance to mix pleasure with business, if she could, that is.
As she made her way to them, she felt her pussy react to knowing she would be speaking with him soon. Her nipples peaked as she looked at him, slowing down her pace as not to appear rushed. They both slowly turned to Alana, and as she outstretched her hand to her actor, he wore a grin that looked almost sexual. All in her head, she thought.
“Very nice to meet you. I am Alana Dobson, head of security. It’s my job to make sure you are secure at all times this evening.”
It sounded so, well, lame, but she got tongue tied. His big hands, rough but soft, took Alana’s and he bent and kissed it, looking into her face, those cobalt eyes sparkling. Alana’s body responded to his touch; she grew wet, seared and felt her skin blush.
“Nice to meet you, Ms. Dobson. I must say, I didn’t expect the head of security to be so gorgeous.”
His accent, oh- so sexy, made her numb. And he punctuated the statement with a wink. Alana smirked again and nodded, trying to clear her dried up throat. Was he flirting with her??
“You as well. My company wants to make sure your release party is smooth and flawless. I hope we exceed your expectations this evening. If there is anything that you need, please let me know.”
She wanted to sound professional and in control, even as her clit howled and her thighs quivered standing this close to him. His killer smile left her unsteady and she shifted on her foot to catch her balance. He leaned closer to her, and placed his succulent lips next to her ear and his hand at the small of her back, making her jump.
“You will be the first to know if I need anything tonight.”
The he let her hand go. Oh, that held SO many meanings for Alana, but she knew it business purposes only. Still, a girl could wonder, right?
“Please come to me with anything you need. I will make sure to get it fulfilled.”
Damn, that sounded sexual. And she smiled inside as it was meant to be! Now she was no better than those blonde skanks. He took her hand again and pulled her closer into him, about a foot away. Even in heels, he still stood well over 4 inches from her. The smirk on his face was cute and yet telling. Of what she didn’t know. But dammit if she didn’t want to know!
“Anything that I need, huh?” He smiled that slayer smile again and those blue eyes went shadowy. Alana cocked her head at his request.
“Within reason, of course.”
In his defense, he laughed.
“Oh course Ms. Dobson.” She held up her hand.
“Please call me Alana.”
Another wicked smile and a slow nod to her.
“Sure, Alana.”
The way he spoke her name, god, she all but fell to her knees to suck the life from him. He then left from their company and joined a few others. When did her guard leave? She was so entranced with him she hadn’t even noticed he parted. She touched her earpiece.
“Ricky? Where did Tony move to?” She heard a chuckle.
“Well, he left you and the target alone- said you seemed to look pretty damn cozy.”
Another chuckle. So much for professionalism.
She made sure that all her guards were always on their best behavior, and here she was, acting like a bitch in heat over this man. She made a mental note to apologize to Tony. And on cue, as if Ricky read her mind, he spoke.
“Tony just laughed. We all know how big of a fan you are of his. You’re all good, Sis. Just be good tonight. Ricky out.”
And the line went dead. Alana still felt like she needed to apologize, which she would do. First she had to make sure this party went off without a hitch. And that she didn’t end up in the ladies room stall masturbating half the night.
The party was winding down and Alana had a couple glasses of champagne and enjoyed a dinner as well. As the night wore on, the suite was soon only filled with about 15 people. Alana had to remain until the cleaning crew arrived, which she hated- sometimes they didn’t show until almost 4am.
Glancing at her watch, she saw it was 230. Early, she thought. Alana headed out to the patio and took in a breath of air to clear her head. All through the evening, she could have sworn he was seducing her. A few times from across the room, he would wink and grin. Once, she thought she saw him, while enjoying a glass of wine, leaning against a mantle and just watched her with predatory eyes. Ah, wishful thinking, she figured. He was a nice guy, so she was sure he was being nice to her. Or, it was all her damned imagination. Alana was happy that she didn’t run into a private area to soothe herself at all, even as right now her clit begged to be touched.
She looked out at the city lights to calm herself- the air had grown cool but not too bad. She felt a whoosh at her back and spun quickly, going into an automatic defense mode that years of martial arts had taught her, almost throwing herself into the person behind her. As she toppled, she fell against a hard chest and felt arms hold her in place. Alana looked up into those ocean blue eyes again and she shuddered.
It was HIM!
He asked his voice just above a mere whisper and what she thought held just a hint of seduction.
She regained her stance and nodded. “It’s a bit chilly out here, but I wanted some air.” He smiled at her.
“I can understand that. Mind if I join you? Looks like the party is coming to a close.”
Alana held back her smile and simply nodded to him. He took a seat on one of the patio chairs and she joined him, sitting across from him, careful not to get too close as she was on red-alert all over. And she would be damned if he didn’t slide his chair right in front of hers, facing her with a sly smirk.
Taking full advantage, she crossed her left leg, raising the slit in her dress and giving him generous view of her legs and thighs- she thanked every god she knew that she had kept up on her workouts!
She relaxed into the chair and folder her arms over her belly, meeting his gaze. He followed suit and leaned into his chair, the wind catching his curly hair, just to the nape of his neck. There was that smirk again, and Alana’s blood heated. There he was, right in front of her. Every wicked fantasy she ever had of him flooded her brain all at the same time, causing her to roll her eyes in want. The silence between them was thick, yet it said so much. Alana had to find some way to speak, but her voice left her. Lucky for her, her earpiece beeped in her ear.
“Alana here.”
Ricky came back. “Where is target? I can’t find him.”
Alana smiled then. “Target is secure. Right in front of me.”
Ricky laughed now, a hearty laugh.
“Enjoy Sis. Ricky out.”
Alana removed her earpiece as her actor watched her again, that same greedy glance on his face from earlier. Regaining her confidence, she spoke.
“Did we exceed your expectations tonight?” He merely smiled and nodded to her, and went back to just glaring at her.
Okay, not a word huh? This was getting a bit unbearable- she wanted him to say something or do something. Him just gawking was making her so embarrassingly wet. Alana licked her lips unconsciously and he shifted in his seat. Was he really attracted to her? Now or never, she thought.
“So, are you just going to stare at me all night?”
His mouth curled into a wide smile, his azure eyes growing darker. He leaned into her personal space now. She could smell the hint of cologne, but more so his scent. Male, earthy.
Slightly dangerous.
Shit. She was in trouble.
“Alana, I have been thinking about if you have exceeded my expectations and I must say that you have, I have never worked with a more professional staff.”
Alana smiled greatly. This meant more business! Then she looked at him again, and he was closer.
Too close for her comfort. The look on his face transformed into something wicked.
“But, I am trying not to simply pluck you from that chair, take into my room upstairs, undress you and watch you pleasure yourself for my pure enjoyment. This is why I am staring.”
Alana felt a blot of lightening hit her, right between her legs and it sizzled down her thighs until her toes tingled. He laid a palm on her exposed thigh, and caressed lightly, sending tiny shockwaves through her entire body. His hand followed suit down her legs, until he reached her heel-clad feet, and then back up again, resting on her thigh once more. Alana’s libido kicked into overdrive. With his revelation and now his hand on her, Alana’s most potent fantasy was right here in front of her, asking her permission to do whatever he wanted to her. Alright, it was playtime. Alana stood in front of him and placed her hands on her hips, almost in defiance. But she knew better.
“How can you do those things to me, when I am not in my chair any longer?”
Now he stood, towering over her, his lips mere inches from hers. In her head, she heard nothing but the whooshing of her heartbeat, growing stronger by each passing second that they stood together. His fingers threaded through her hair, now blowing in the slight wind. He skimmed his knuckles along her face, to her neck and the swell of cleavage that greeted him. Alana’s eyes closed as he lightly explored her with his fingers, touching her arms, fingers, neck, face, and then her lips. This had to be a dream right? She was going to wake up any moment. Until she head his voice.
“Alana, look at me.” A husky command. Her eyes opened.
Damn, he was a beautiful man and tonight, just for tonight, he was hers. She planned to take full gain of that fact. Even if she never saw him again, this night would burn in her memory. She made sure it would.
He took Alana’s hand and led her through the suite until they reached the elevator. Inside, he placed his lips on her neck and his hands on her waist, gripping tight as she pushed into him, feeling his erection poking her belly. Alana moaned when his tongue snaked along to her shoulder and returned to that sweet spot on her neck that he now nicked with his teeth. Alana’s hands grasped his back as his lips worked magic.
The doors opened to his suite and he led her inside. She wanted to kiss him, but maybe he didn’t want to kiss her. She frowned at the thought as in her fantasy, he kissed her relentlessly, with a fervor and passion that she had never experienced before. Alana longed to have him kiss her, but she would take what she could with him. This was, more than she could have ever imagined to be here with him, as he gawked again, grinning, just watching her. He kneeled down and removed her shoes, one at a time.
“Beautiful feet.Mmmm..Just like all of you.”
Speechless, he did as he promised. He lifted her into the air. Alana was easily 180 pounds and worried that he couldn’t hold her weight. She was soon silenced as he carried her into the bedroom, dark, and covered in shadows from the moonlight streaming through the huge Bay window in the room. The only sounds in the room were from the now raindrops that pelted the windows which added a perfect soundtrack to what was about to take place.
Carefully, he laid her on his bed, like she was a piece of fine art and he stepped back. The man was admiring her, adoring her and she felt like a goddess from his latest film. He walked from one end of the bed to the next, all the time his observation never wavering. Alana lie back and ran her hands from her thighs to her belly, then to her breasts, eyeing him as he watched her.
‘Close your eyes.” Another rough command.
Alana got the feeling this man was used to getting things his way and she had no qualms about letting him have his way with her tonight. With a sly laugh she closed them and awaited the next move. Not waiting for too long, she felt the bed dip at her left side and she could feel his warm breath on her right ear. Alana reached to touch him and he grabbed her wrist, lightly pulling it above her head. He soon grabbed the other and completed the same movement. Felt helpless yet sexy as hell in this pose, submissive, willing, wanting. Her frame melted into the bed, signaling her total surrender to him.
“Good girl’” He whispered on her lips.
His hands left her wrists and now traveled down the expanse of her body. When he found her trembling thighs, he used one hand to part them, and his finger rasped against her lace panties, soaked in her juices. Her gasp filled the room.
“You’re already wet, Alana. Very wet. Very nice.”
She felt him slide the fabric to one side and that same finger lightly touched her clit, moving ever so casually. Alana gulped and bucked, her hips lifting off the bed with a cries of pleasure filling the room and his ears. He removed his finger and she whimpered. He laughed.
“Remember, I want to watch you touch yourself. Right now.”
She felt cold when his body heat left her but then his hot hands lifted her dress over her hips, sweeping the little lace panties down, leaving her bare. Thank goodness she was shaven! Eyes still closed, she placed her hand between her legs, hearing him sigh when she opened her flesh to him, fingering her aching pussy, seeking relief. She wasn’t going to last long at all- she had been ramped up since the beginning of the night.
The orgasm that bubbled just underneath the hood of her clit cried for freedom and she wouldn’t deny herself any longer. She couldn’t. Her fingers moved faster and faster, her back arching; sweat beading on her skin as the liberty she sought raced to her like a freight train barreling out of control. Thrashing from side to side, it was right there, the next touch would explode her from inside out, wring her dry. Alana’s body geared for it, poised and ready, until she felt her hand removed in a flash.
“NOOOO!!!!” She wailed in desperation.
Panting above her, he now plunged himself into her mouth, offering a brutal yet passionate kiss.
His tongue crashed into her mouth like a tidal wave falling into the rocks on a beach. The man could kiss, flat out. He controlled the speed, depth of their kiss. He was making love to her mouth with his, and it was better than she imagined.
So much fucking better.
Her arms grasped his neck and anchored him to her, pulling him deeper into the kiss and he obliged all too willingly, kissing her with everything that he had, and Alana knew he was giving her that. She needed to feel him inside of her, at that moment. Breaking the kiss, she searched his eyes, looking for confirmation of what she wanted and hoped he was willing to give. Smiling down at her, he shook his head.
“Not yet, Alana. Soon.”
She moaned in dissatisfaction but was soon smothered by his mouth once again. Alana wrapped her leg around his back, until he was grinding his hardness into her wet cleft, stimulating her now shuddering clit, causing her to pant and groan in his mouth. She thrust her hips up and met him, movement for movement as they rocked together in the enormous bed, the headboard tapping against the wall with each push. Alana’s heart stopped when his finger slid inside of her, and with a twist, began a torturous movement against a nerve-laden spot deep inside her channel. Clawing at his back now, orgasm impending release, shaking, Alana felt hot tears scald her face and her body burn.
“That’s it, Alana. Come for me now!”
With his words, she came apart against him, writhing, keening, and gasping. It was so powerful, so mind-numbing, she couldn’t speak. Nothing escaped her mouth, other than the yelps from her as his fingers finished the assault on her clit and inside her pulsating pussy, saturating the bedspread beneath them.
Alana’s eyes opened wide to him and he just grinned, happy with the results of her orgasm. He dragged his finger to his mouth and tasted, closing his eyes and savoring her taste, moaning in appreciation. He sat up on his knees and unbuttoned his shirt, leaving it open. Alana scooted from under him and let her hands roam over his chest, down his belly, to his belt buckle, undoing it as quickly as she could.
He cupped her face as she looked up at him, her eyes lively, skin rosy, her smell surrounding them. Alana unzipped his trousers and her anxious hand went inside his boxer briefs. The smell that wafted from him was musky, clean almost from another part of the world, which, well he was. His cock was rigid, above average sized and her fingers wrapped around the base and stroked upward, her thumb swiping the head, which seeped with moisture. He hissed and his hips pushed forward.
Ah, so she got to him. He pushed her against the bed once more and covered her. Their breaths mingled as did their beating hearts.
“Alana, I’m going to fuck you now. I’m going to get so deep inside of you, you will never want another man there. Ever.”
He ended the brash statement with a solid, controlling kiss. His smell, his accent, the way he was pleasuring her body was nothing short of amazing. No, scratch that.
She wasn’t sure when her dress was pulled over hear head, when her bra was removed, or when he slid out of his trousers and removed his shirt, but they now were naked as the day they were born, kissing and caressing, offering whimpers to one another in pure hunger. His lean, hard body against her soft, voluptuous one; his tan skin on her bronze made a perfect contrast.
Alana smiled when he reached up to the night stand and sheathed himself with a condom, then poised himself at her burning entrance. She spread her legs and wrapped her ankles around his ass, urging him to complete the act. Lacing their fingers, he pushed lightly into her, one small stroke at a time. She whimpered and he pushed again, groaning.
“Damn, you are tight Alana. You feel sooo good,”
He crooned into her ear. She bit his neck when he dug himself into her pussy, now vibrating and sopping wet, all the way to the hilt. Alana could hardly think. He was inside of her, fucking her, kissing her, making her feel as if nothing else in the world right now mattered.
This was her perfect fantasy.
His hips plunged forward, sinking into her again and uttering a moan. Alana placed her arms around him and pulled him close, so she could feel his heartbeat in sync with her own. His thrusts were gentle, easy. He was setting the pace and she wanted him to take lead. Then, without warning, he sat up, hoisted her legs onto his shoulders and drove with hard, deep strokes, making her thighs clench and her pussy weep for joy.
“OH MY GOD!!!!! Don’t stop..Please don’t stop!” Alana keened.
He smirked at her again, that sexy half-smile.
“I’m not until you give me what I want, Alana.” He panted between harsh breaths.
What did he want, exactly? Alana wasn’t sure- that was until he rolled onto his back and pulled her down onto his cock.
Oh yeah!
This is what she wanted!
Alana opened her thighs and engulfed him, lifting her ass and rounding her hips, taking him all the way in her. She repeated the sequence and his hands clutched her breasts, toyed with her nipples. She threw her head back in abandon and swiveled and bounced on his erection, creating friction and even more sighs from him.
“Alana, you feel so fucking wonderful. You don’t stop.”
She smiled and picked up her pace, locking her hands on his belly as she rocked. She was ready to burst and any second she would. As if he could read her mind, he pulled her to his lips and whispered.
“Yeah, that’s right. You know what I want. Come for me, Alana!”
Alana shrieked, screeched, and jumped all at the same time. The orgasm flattened her, left her lightheaded and weak, even as her hips propelled on. Sublime pleasure filtered through her and she looked at him. His fingers tightened on her waist as he drove into her excitedly, turning on the jets and matching her, strike for strike. Alana knew he was close. HHHis face froze in a pain/lust filled lock and the roar that he let loose was massive and immense-almost animal like. Alana clasped him harder.
“I’m coming!!!!! OH GOD!!!! Alana!!! Yes!!!!!”
Alana could feel his semen attempt to escape the condom and shoot into her, it was so strong. She stirred her hips tougher, squeezing him with her pussy muscles, draining every last drop from him. She wanted him spent and sated, just as she felt at that moment. Their breathing swallowed as she licked her lips and smiled to herself in amazement. She cast her eyes down to him and he beamed at her, his navy eyes lighting as if a flash of thunder were in each one. Drawing her close, he kissed her and lifted her body from his, until she lay underneath him.
Alana was in a dream, she was sure. Had to be. She couldn’t have just done what she did and not with him- but it was true. She gazed at him and kissed his nose. A small laugh escaped him.
“Room service?” He asked and kissed her neck.
She nodded in agreement.
Alana woke alone in bed, still in his room. Well, I have expected that, she thought. Her phone lie on the night stand and she looked at the time. It was 11am.
Dammit! She had a report due on the party in an hour!
She flew out the suite after dressing to head to her apartment, which was 15 minutes away and called Ricky, to let him know she was late. He didn’t answer, so she left him a message. Once home, she showered rapidly and put on some jeans and a sweater, since it was a cool morning. Alana did pause to notice the love bites on her neck from him. Her finger stroked one of them as she recalled him burying his cock in her, until he scraped her raw with such desire and pleasure, she felt weightless. She bolted for the door and left for the office. She noticed a message on her phone, but since she was driving she didn’t have time to check what it was. She arrived at 11:50 and parked.
“Awesome-10 minutes to spare” she said to herself as she ran to the door.
Walking into her office, she was met by Ricky and their investor, Mr. Felton. Ricky eyed her suspiciously, looking over her, and then smiling at her. He walked over to her and she covered the marks on her neck from him. Too late. He saw them and smiled wider. Alana felt her skin become hot in embarrassment.
“So,” Ricky began. “Have fun last night?” He whispered to her, giggling.
Alana elbowed him in the stomach and clenched her teeth. She glowered at Ricky and then turned Mr. Felton, prepared to give her report.
“Mr. Felton, I apologize for being late, but..” His hand up cut her off.
“We are waiting on one more person to arrive.” He said curtly
Alana cocked her head and then looked at Ricky. He shrugged. What the hell was going on? Felton always wanted status reports the next day- he used their reports to help boost their business, even though were doing well. Alana’s phone buzzed in her pocket and she excused herself. Once inside her office, she pulled out her phone and saw a number she had never seen. The text was short, sweet and to the point.
“I had an amazing time last night, Alana. I hope to see you again soon.”
Alana smiled and gushed. He really was a nice guy. At least he said something to her the next day-most celebs would just fuck and run. She went to check her voicemail when Ricky walked in.
“Felton is ready.” She nodded at him.
Alana pocketed her phone and exited her office, waiting to tell Felton of their success. She didn’t need to. Who she saw standing there shook her to the core. He was standing in her office and dammit her body sizzled.
“Hello Alana. Told you I’d see you again soon.”
What a shock to see the man who just gave her orgasms so strong that her body still was partially numb!!! There went her speech as he smiled at her. She glanced at Ricky- he wore a cat-ate-canary grin. Felton turned to Alana, who wore a look of utter disbelief. Here he was, right in from of her, again, but why?
“Alana, he personally wanted to give his own testament to your great work last night. He was very impressed with you.” Felton smiled at her.
Alana just stood in amazement. Unable to speak, she just nodded her head in agreement with Felton.
“I guess you are happy about that, right?” Felton asked
Alana nodded again in agreement. Her head was packed with memories of their night. She looked into his eyes and could tell he though the same thing as she. Clearing her throat, she spoke to the group.
“Thank you for your confidence in us. I’m happy we were able to meet your needs. It was a pleasure doing business with you.” As soon as she finished her statement, he approached her and took her hand in his.
“Alana, the pleasure was all mine. I look forward to the next time.” And with that, he exited the office.
Her drive home, she ached. She wanted. She needed. What had he done to her? Again, her phone beeped. Damn, she forgot to check the voicemail. Pressing the mail option on her phone, she touched her Bluetooth to connect. She heard his voice in her ear.
“Alana, when you get this, I’ll be preparing to come into your office. I want to than thank your team for your professional help last night; the guys were great. But you, Alana, were amazing. I want to let you know that last night is not something that I do all the time. I have before, but it’s not every city thing for me. I want to see you again. And soon. Until then.”
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!
Well, what could she say? She rocked his world!!!!