Thursday, August 16, 2012

Romance vs Erotica vs Erotic Romance- Any difference??

So, what is the big damn difference?

To me, nothing really.

Although I prefer a lot of naughty with my nice, I can, yes, even me, can get into a sweet romance that makes me feel all warm and gooey inside-

Now, I feel that erotica writers should try a romance or two just for the fun of it as I feel the same way with romance writers.
The sweet, "purple prose" users should dive into using words such as ( cover your eyes if squeamish!)

And for us erotica writers, there is nothing wrong with describing a sex scene like this:

He lay her gently across the satin duvet, covered her body in sweet kisses and became one with her until the rising tides of thier passions left them dizzy and complete, thier love glowing.

See! Even I can do it!

(Ok I admit it, that did make me laugh a little, but you get where Im going, right?)

All I'm saying is that every writer should test thier range, go against the grain and try something new at times

Hell, I'm doing it with my upcoming works...And I feel just damn fine, thank you very much!

Who's with me???


  1. Great post! I love both forms! I have noticed though that a lot of erotica is shorter than erotic romances. Great post! Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks!!! Im happy that you enjoyed reading it!


    Thank you the opportunity to get acquainted with all these new books!

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