Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Test-October 30th

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Can one night convince Deeta that she is what she has always felt?  
A born submissive? 
Master Roland believes so and sets out to prove that not only is Deeta a natural submissive, but that he is also the man who will unravel and master her.

Without seeing him she felt a pull that was undeniable, her body responding to his with abandon causing her heart to beat eagerly.  With his free hand, he moved to her thighs and slid his hand through her dress slit His long index finger skimming her panties until he found her hard clit. Bucking, she cried out. Wetness leaked from her core, and he sniffed behind her his finger tapping lightly on her engorged nubbin.

“You smell incredible.” He commented as if the answer were obvious as hell.

His voice sent ripples of cognizance through her, ramped her up higher. He released her wrist, and his hands roamed over her lush figure, squeezing her thighs and hips, moaning his appreciation as he went.

“You know,” he began in a deceptively calm voice, “women with curves have always made me harder than diamonds.” To confirm his admission, he began to grind into her back, the feel of his cock impressive to her in size.  At her groan, he bent to nip at her neck with his teeth, and she jumped. Pleasure zinged down her body and sizzled through to her toes. Then it hit her.

Was this R?  Her mysterious online lover that she has been chatting with over the past few months? The man, who each night, had her finger herself until she could do nothing but scream as waves of satisfaction consumed her? The implication sent a tide of exhilaration and arousal through her and she moaned once more.

“Who are you?” She asked breathless.

“Soon, beautiful.”