Friday, November 16, 2012

Scorch Me!

I have been a busy, busy little bee!! With the release of The Test AND the upcoming release of Club Domain, Part 1 Dec 4th, it's been a whirlwind!!!

I want to honor those authors who, like myself, word hard to bring you, our readers every illicit, bold, thoughtful and romantic ideas from the depths of our minds, here!

Feel free to post an excerpt, buy link (if you have one) and whatever else! It's all about YOU!

Cannot wait to read the juicy tidbits!

Now, from my new relase from Horny Devil Publishing,

The Test

Keep that up and I will fuck you right here, beautiful. His tone held a rasp of excitement and a measure of challenge.
There it was again, that deep prevailing voice.  He pulled her roughly, almost violently, by her arm, still making sure she could not see his face.  But at least now she could see his hair.  Caramel in color with tawny highlights, shaggy and disheveled it tumbled to his wide shoulders.  Her stomach churned, not with fear, but zeal at what was to come next.  Her heart thundered as he led her to a set of stairs that descended into another area before stopping in front of a huge cherry-red door.
Facing her, she saw his face was cloaked with a mask similar to hers, extending to his lips so she was unable to see his features.  He lowered his head so that their foreheads touched, clasping her hands in his.
When you walk into this room, all of your darkest dreams will come to life.” He stroked her cheek with his lips.  I am going to give them to you tonight.” His mouth trailed kisses along her cheek as he groaned, sending a throbbing vibration through her.
She didn’t know who in the hell he was and she was supposed to just follow him?  While she doubted, her body hummed so she decided to throw caution into the wind.  Could she really just trust this guy?  She had to know.  Who are you?” her voice wavered.

He chuckled, bringing himself back to his full height, his fingers on the skin of her neck.  His large hands framed her face.  You will know soon.” 


  1. long as you're requesting some juicy tidbits, I shall absolutely be happy to comply, lovely laaayyyy-deeee. :) This one is from my book PERMANENT MARKER, just released via Loose-Id books, and available at Loose's website, as well as Amazon All Romance and your other fave e-outlets. Enjoy, all! (And Lynn, thanks for the cool idea baby! I may copy you!)

    He pulled her up next to him so their kneeling poses matched. He kept his hands on her shoulders, kneading her skin with deep, assessing strokes. “You’re trembling.”


    “Are you cold?”

    She pulled in a breath. His scent filled her head, wild and wet, like the storm gathering force outside. “No.”

    He inhaled too. Then he trailed his fingertips down her arms, stopping at her wrists. “It turns me on.”

    His voice was a serration of sound, sending quivers into the extremes of her body. When she raised her gaze over the balanced ridges of his abdomen, she stopped at the solid planes of his pecs. His nipples were rock hard with arousal.

    She shivered again.

    His fingers tightened on her wrists. Then circled both of them. “Is this scary?”
    She looked down to where he clasped her. His long, strong fingers were dark gold shackles around her lighter skin. “A little.”

    “Enough to stop?”

    “No.” The force of her protest came as a surprise. She shot her gaze up to his, knowing she likely looked like a fool, though she couldn’t stop. He fixated her, the complete combination of everything that was right and wrong, like looking at the sun without eye gear. What a beautiful way to burn out her senses.

    “Please,” she implored. ”Don’t make me keep thinking about this. Don’t make me keep choosing.”

    “Not an option.” His eyes darkened to amber embers. “You have to choose, Rose. You need to. I want to dominate you, not force you.”

  2. Awesome excerpt.

    Here's one from my medieval erotic romance – Black Dorn

    "Yes, please," Branwyn cried. "Take me, you took Sasha. Take command of my body. Pleasure yourself like you are the gon-dra (prince). I am not afraid of you. I only wish to please you."
    For a few moments Malack did not move. "Sasha loves pain. We spent many nights here where her flesh was red and blood dripped from her. Still, she still begged for more."
    Her eyes grew round. She steadied her voice. "I trust you, Malack."
    He kissed her, not with the tender kiss she had become accustomed to, but a rough hungry one. It seemed not to matter whether she responded. He did not caress her or tenderly stroke the pink flesh of her breast. He grabbed both nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezed. Branwyn bit back the urge to stop him. The pain made her hot between her legs.
    His hand brushed her buttocks then smacked her with a gentle force. It was not a tear inducing pain, but a temperature rising pain. She felt hot, like the summer sun was shining down on her naked body.
    Without warning, his hand cracked across her buttocks. Her yell was involuntary. It had escaped her throat. He repeated his strike, then ran his hand over where he had hit her. His caress removed the sting. He struck again, and caressed her again. This was not the same as when Trea instructed her. That had been a blinding fury of pain, which overwhelmed her into darkness. This she could bear for him.
    "Like?" His hot breath grazed her ear.
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