Sunday, December 30, 2012

Deeta and Roland- The Test

Well....guess who's back!
The Test has gotten AWESOME reviews...have you gotten yours yet? WHAT? NO? What the I need to get out my flogger??
I'll let it slide this time.
But for now, I want to introduce you to Deeta and Roland, the stars of The Test...arent they just a wonderful looking couple?
Dont let his boy- next-door looks fool you, he is one badass Dom! And yeah, she looks pretty tough right? She is a true through and through submissive
Check out thier interview coming within the next few days here1

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  1. You had me at the picture of Riggins. *sigh* That man is just too hot.

    Love the update. Highly sensual. :)


  2. Sexy characters! Intriguing :-)