Sunday, December 30, 2012

Deeta and Roland- The Test

Well....guess who's back!
The Test has gotten AWESOME reviews...have you gotten yours yet? WHAT? NO? What the I need to get out my flogger??
I'll let it slide this time.
But for now, I want to introduce you to Deeta and Roland, the stars of The Test...arent they just a wonderful looking couple?
Dont let his boy- next-door looks fool you, he is one badass Dom! And yeah, she looks pretty tough right? She is a true through and through submissive
Check out thier interview coming within the next few days here1

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Scorch Me!

I have been a busy, busy little bee!! With the release of The Test AND the upcoming release of Club Domain, Part 1 Dec 4th, it's been a whirlwind!!!

I want to honor those authors who, like myself, word hard to bring you, our readers every illicit, bold, thoughtful and romantic ideas from the depths of our minds, here!

Feel free to post an excerpt, buy link (if you have one) and whatever else! It's all about YOU!

Cannot wait to read the juicy tidbits!

Now, from my new relase from Horny Devil Publishing,

The Test

Keep that up and I will fuck you right here, beautiful. His tone held a rasp of excitement and a measure of challenge.
There it was again, that deep prevailing voice.  He pulled her roughly, almost violently, by her arm, still making sure she could not see his face.  But at least now she could see his hair.  Caramel in color with tawny highlights, shaggy and disheveled it tumbled to his wide shoulders.  Her stomach churned, not with fear, but zeal at what was to come next.  Her heart thundered as he led her to a set of stairs that descended into another area before stopping in front of a huge cherry-red door.
Facing her, she saw his face was cloaked with a mask similar to hers, extending to his lips so she was unable to see his features.  He lowered his head so that their foreheads touched, clasping her hands in his.
When you walk into this room, all of your darkest dreams will come to life.” He stroked her cheek with his lips.  I am going to give them to you tonight.” His mouth trailed kisses along her cheek as he groaned, sending a throbbing vibration through her.
She didn’t know who in the hell he was and she was supposed to just follow him?  While she doubted, her body hummed so she decided to throw caution into the wind.  Could she really just trust this guy?  She had to know.  Who are you?” her voice wavered.

He chuckled, bringing himself back to his full height, his fingers on the skin of her neck.  His large hands framed her face.  You will know soon.” 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Test-October 30th

The Test is NOW AVAILABLE!!!! Amazon, Smashwords, B&N!!!!!! 

Can one night convince Deeta that she is what she has always felt?  
A born submissive? 
Master Roland believes so and sets out to prove that not only is Deeta a natural submissive, but that he is also the man who will unravel and master her.

Without seeing him she felt a pull that was undeniable, her body responding to his with abandon causing her heart to beat eagerly.  With his free hand, he moved to her thighs and slid his hand through her dress slit His long index finger skimming her panties until he found her hard clit. Bucking, she cried out. Wetness leaked from her core, and he sniffed behind her his finger tapping lightly on her engorged nubbin.

“You smell incredible.” He commented as if the answer were obvious as hell.

His voice sent ripples of cognizance through her, ramped her up higher. He released her wrist, and his hands roamed over her lush figure, squeezing her thighs and hips, moaning his appreciation as he went.

“You know,” he began in a deceptively calm voice, “women with curves have always made me harder than diamonds.” To confirm his admission, he began to grind into her back, the feel of his cock impressive to her in size.  At her groan, he bent to nip at her neck with his teeth, and she jumped. Pleasure zinged down her body and sizzled through to her toes. Then it hit her.

Was this R?  Her mysterious online lover that she has been chatting with over the past few months? The man, who each night, had her finger herself until she could do nothing but scream as waves of satisfaction consumed her? The implication sent a tide of exhilaration and arousal through her and she moaned once more.

“Who are you?” She asked breathless.

“Soon, beautiful.”

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Erotic Romance Tips that I use!!

What does a book need to be labeled an erotic romance?
I think a few key elements. Most are those “duh! Yes It’s this one silly” moments. Others are a bit more in depth and harder to incorporate. I wrote my first one a few months ago and I loved the outcome! What I have found in my research and writing is that to call a book or story an erotic romance read, the following HAS to be in place:
1-      You must have romance- this is a DUH moment
2-      Character development- I think this is the best because readers want to feel your characters and understand them, relate to them on some level
3-      A believable plot. Sure, you could writer about the hero saving the heroine and 30 other people from an oncoming train by lifting them up into the air (OK, so I had a Hancock moment- forgive me!) I prefer a simpler plot where I get to know the characters involved. Alphas and betas alike
4-      Having an alpha male or female. But, you must remember to make them flawed in some way that the reader will be able to relate to them. Let’s face it, all of the men can’t be gorgeous hunks with huge penis’s all the time, right? (Although I do prefer those!) The heroine can’t be a Jennifer Lopez look-a-like, work as a CEO of a major company and never have any issues in life. Nope, this won’t work
5-      Sex, sex and more sex- Oh yes, the hotter the better! When two people fall in love, or in strong lust/like, sex is the natural order of things. Sex in an erotic romance shouldn’t always take place in a bed. My characters have used alleys, stairwell, cars (in the back seat). In the shower, on a balcony, etc. Let the imagination run wild! And if you have a significant other, act out some those scenes in your head with your lover. Firsthand experience with a little creative oomph from your mind can do the trick!
6-      A happily ever after. The one thing that I cannot stand is reading a book, loving the characters and then either one of them dies, goes to jail or they just break up. So much for the buildup in the story. Now I feel like I just wasted however much time I spent on reading! Even if you want to put a spin to it, give the illusion of a happily ever after, something that may foretell another book coming out to continue their journey together. I’m a sap for nice love stories ( mixing a bit of kink in there is awesome too!)
7-      Research. Can’t stress this enough- research any everything you can about your story before you begin. That way when you put pen to paper ( or fingers to the keyboard) you will already be armed and ready!

It takes a ton of courage to write an erotic romance. ( Trust me, I KNOW!)
But I think with these tips, and researching, you will find what you are looking for!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Romance vs Erotica vs Erotic Romance- Any difference??

So, what is the big damn difference?

To me, nothing really.

Although I prefer a lot of naughty with my nice, I can, yes, even me, can get into a sweet romance that makes me feel all warm and gooey inside-

Now, I feel that erotica writers should try a romance or two just for the fun of it as I feel the same way with romance writers.
The sweet, "purple prose" users should dive into using words such as ( cover your eyes if squeamish!)

And for us erotica writers, there is nothing wrong with describing a sex scene like this:

He lay her gently across the satin duvet, covered her body in sweet kisses and became one with her until the rising tides of thier passions left them dizzy and complete, thier love glowing.

See! Even I can do it!

(Ok I admit it, that did make me laugh a little, but you get where Im going, right?)

All I'm saying is that every writer should test thier range, go against the grain and try something new at times

Hell, I'm doing it with my upcoming works...And I feel just damn fine, thank you very much!

Who's with me???

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What makes a good Dom/Domme?

Some rules of a a good Dom/Domme

First, being a Dominant/submissive is a STATE OF MIND, not a sex act, a game or a role.
It is a STATE OF BEING- one must learn to accept and understand what part in the relationship you will partake in.

#1-Dominant is ALWAYS a Gentleman or a Lady.
There is no excuse for being impolite or rude to others. Just because you have the alpha personality doesn't entitle you to be an ass.
Save this for your submissive that needs and requires this of you.

Self explanatory

#3-A Dominant is always honest.
To lie is to show you cannot be trusted and a submissive must be able to trust you to respect you. Every submissive knows that not every Dominant is super experienced and will respect you much more if you tell the truth.
Be honest with a submissive about your level of experience with others and the submissive. The submissive can even help you to gain experience and is really an enjoyable learning process. Tell the submissive up-front your wishes.
Most submissive will understand them.
You may not get "that" submissive but you will not lose her/his respect from lying.

#4-A Dominant accepts responsibility for all his/her actions.
Everyone makes mistakes. Do what is needed to make amends, and correct it.
Accept and admit the fact that you fucked up.
To seek an excuse for something going wrong or hurting someone will cause you to lose respect very quickly and you will be branded in a bad way.

#5-A Dominant expects but does not demand respect. Let me repeat: A Dominant expects but does not demand respect.
No Dominant demands strangers to call him/her Master/Mistress.
Respect is earned over time. Demanding Master/Mistress on your name means nothing and is a word that when not earned is meaningless and makes you to others appear to be a petty childish fool.
Those that know you and respect you will call you Master or Mistress when you earn it, not before.
Remember, to other Dominants you are not their Master/Mistress you are their equal.
Do not DEMAND them too ever call you that.

#6-A Dominant knows and understands the differences between needs, desires and wants of a submissive.
This will be learned from the submissive.

Think you can handle being a Dom/Domme?

Thursday, August 2, 2012